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Match result

Season 25, Round 3
Team badge
'Zons of Anarchy

gate: 29 000
1 TD score 1
cas score
High Elf logo
no custom badge
Stormwind Punters


Lizzie Sorch
TD Scorers
Jason Rex
Badly Hurt'ers

mercenary / star
Serious Injurers
Lance Dragonlord

Lizzie Sorch
Gralon Gette
Completions By
Audric Sawboss
Interceptions By

Lizzie Sorch
MVP awards to
Windu Windblade
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game

Waste Peregrin dead
Result added February 9th, 2018

Match notes
This was a tricky game which ended in a draw, but could have been won by either team at several occasions.
The amazons hired Roxanna Darknail, Helmut Wulff and a mercenary blitzer for all the inducement money.
The elves won the coin toss and started as receivers, They built a solid cage and advanced to score the 1-0 touchdown by passing and dodging. Roxanna showed her crazy skills and almost snatched the ball early, resulting in elves fouling her stunned over and over again.
The amazons tied the game in second half, And the remaining turns gave several opportunities for both teams to score.

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