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Aug. 25th, 2011
Week feeble norsmen is what we will face in the Reserves Rumble.
Blue Bay Rollers - SPAM! (Reserves Rumble, Reserves Rumble) will be the end of SPAM!. The team will not be retired after this, they will be annihilated!

Blue is the colour, bloodbowl is the game
We're Blue Bay finest and winning is their pain
So cheer us on through blood and and fame
Cos Rollers, Rollers is our name.
- Wotan
Aug. 8th, 2011
From the ashes we rise
The Rollers are back for a match in the Reserves Rumble.
The team is hungry for blood and to show them self against any team brave enough to face them.
Whole of Blue Bay is celebrating their return and hopes for a continuing in season six.
Vaak said to Blue Bay Times that they rested to long and now it is time to kill something on the field. He said that whom ever has the guts to stand as opponent will regret it and that they newer will be able to rise up as a team after they will be brutally crushed!
- Wotan
Mar. 13th, 2011
Back in blue
A dead blitzer and a blocker sacked because he lacked commitment was a reality check for the rest of the Rollers whom now are back to heir old self again.after the win against Educated Rodents in the match Blue Bay Rollers - Educated Rodents (Season 4, Round 3)
After two games lost the Rollers first win showed a team with a will to play and a will to win.
tomorrows game against Brewers Union will show is this was just a brief show of will or if they are truly back
- Wotan
Oct. 26th, 2010
After the third win in group two in the game Slakthus 7 - Blue Bay Rollers (Season 3, round 3) the Rollers has taken out an early group victory. The two upcoming matches is against Zharr's Black Anvil and Ferocious Furries. As we all know the results last time those team met was 3-0 and 2-0.
The Blue Bay coach wants to stop some of the speculations and expectations though and told the media that the team will focus on brute force to stop the killing of their players.
He also want to remind the referee that three matches in a row he has accepted that his goblin warriors was sent off but that ends now! Your stripes doesn't protect you from our fans.

Krig och död
Strid och hat
Blodig slakt
För Blue Bays makt
Våld och skadeverk
Krig och död
Strid och hat
Stridande och full av fanderskap
Kommandes från Blue bays landskap
- Wotan
Oct. 8th, 2010
it begins...
First game home in the match Blue Bay Rollers - Arrogant Amphibians (Season 3, round 1). A victory without any goals against us and six to one in casualities, one of whom the noble fans made with a well aimed rock makes a good start on the new season. the only cloud on Blue bays bright sky was when Dus was sent off for a small foul that didnt even do any permanent injury and the small amount of fans that came. We expect more than 10 000 on our next victory match home against the Toastwood Treehuggers whom we also won large against last season in our last group match that made us winner of our group.
MVP winner of the match and goal maker Karg that showed that he is at least as agile as Tokk and as good with the ball as any weakling elf promised a match the fans will talk about for years to come. and the interception by Vruuk shows that the Rollers is as great with the ball as with their fists
Victory awaits the pride of Blue Bay.
Let the pale skinned elves bathe in their own blood!
- Wotan
Oct. 7th, 2010
Season III gift
Is this a reward for something? Yet again do we get to feast on the frogs whom we last season had so fun with in the game Arrogant Amphibians - Blue Bay Rollers (Season 2, round 4).
First match of the season, home against frogs.
This game can only end one way.

Roll. roll, down the field.
Blue bays finest lads.
Roughly, rougly, rougly, rougly.
Rip theart out now!
- Wotan
Sep. 3rd, 2010
Too early?
After yet another win the Rollers now got the economy to replace Zug whom died a premature death. But is it too soon?
The home fans damages done to the stadium left the Rollers with only 30 000 in winnings but it is enough to try to go back too the team roots. Can it truly be a Roller team from Blue bay without a troll to send the team goblins rolling down their enemies plain field to score the very last second?
- Wotan
Aug. 16th, 2010
Blue Bay is celebrating in grief.
Zug is dead and the whole of Blue Bay wears black.
The next game, also home is against the weak, feeble elves in Toastwood Treehuggers and to quote Grigdasz (after correcting grammar)
"The last match with us doing two kills will be nothing. Everyone on the team is eager to take out their aggression for losing Zug so expect a blood bath against the puny elves"
Top thrower and MVP in the match Blue Bay Rollers - Veterans of Tzeentch (Season 2, round 6); Tokk replied that he is afraid he will be the only one going for the ball but still promised the fans a win and to make them proud in the playoffs.
- Wotan
July 23rd, 2010
...for victory
Fifth round played and the tour ended with another win in the match Zharr's Black Anvil - Blue Bay Rollers (Season 2, round 5).
10 000 category C Roller fans and 11 000 of the enemy could only end with a riot when the rain came after the Rollers first touchdown. This gave the team an extra push and made the players go all out offense letting veteran Dus score 0-2 and Vaak putting an end to the game with his second touchdown for the match.
Vaak gave the fans all credit for the win and promised that he will try to send a player of the jumbo team Veterans of Tzeentch off the pitch for them next game to treat as they will and prove for the whole world that they are also an important part of the team. He dedicated them the number 0 and said that all of the Rollers, fan, staff and players had the same blue blood.
Now awaits glory at the Rollers home field in Blue Bay for the seasons last two games before the playoff.
- Wotan
July 23rd, 2010
No injuries and with 14 proud wariorrs the Rollers will anihilate the short humans in Zharr's Black Anvil and take back the lead of the group.
- Wotan
June 24th, 2010
Back to food camp
After the humiliating away loss against the elves wich dissapointed 10000 brave fans the team was sent back to food camp and has spent their time eating all the frogs they could stuff them self with. Here the Rollers found new blood and recruited their best frog cook as their new thrower.
Next match away is against Arrogant Amphibians and even though its the fourth game away from Blue Bay and with the first loss-game played the Rollers keep their spirits up.

Thyme and frogs goes hand in hand.
- Lch
June 16th, 2010
Last turn last second of the away match Ferocious Furries - Blue Bay Rollers (Season 2, round 2) against the nimble Tdozor falled down in the endzone while going for it and left the Rollers with a 0-2 lead the Furries could not reduce.
The weather that started out extremely sunny soon changed to perfect and gave the 7000 fans that travelled all the way from Blue Bay an even sweeter win that now puts the rollers second in the group, only one point behind the tasty Arrogant Amphibians and Ferocious Furries are pushed down to number three.

Next match Evül Elves - Blue Bay Rollers (Season 2, round 3) is also away and is to be played on tuesday the 22:th

They may call them self dark but they are still elves and their bone still break easily. The elves will not have their first win against the rollers, that is a promise from the players and staff to all our fans out there.
to quote Tokk, "the elves dont stand a chance! we got all that they lack, looks, agility, toughness and spine,"

We are blue and red!
Your blood will be shed!
Theres no stopping us!
Prepare to die unwwed!
Blue Bay Hooligans on tour!
- Lch
June 7th, 2010
Keep on rolling
After the tie-match against the Lustria Mammal Leapers the Rollers prepare for the next game, also away against Ferocious Furries.
The game is to be played mon 7 at 1600.
The furries may be somewhat difficult to put to ground but when they fall they will fall hard!

Let the agony, of the is to be
Be the shrieks, the warnings of the death screams
Pummeling the Norse crushing all the Furries
Pummeling the wretched-aye!
Slay them all let them come, let them come, let them come!
- Lch
May 18th, 2010
Going Pro
First match scheduled is Lustria Mammal Leapers away. The game is to be played friday 21 at 1900 and instead of training with the ball or knuckles the rollers is on food camp learning how to cook frogs to get the taste for it.
You can jump but you cannot hide.

Our heart is blue, your blood is red.
Eat them all, Rollers! Rollers! Rollers!
Voted as favorite frog dish so far.
- Lch
Blue Bay Rollers
Race:  Orc
Coach:  Thursablot

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