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Oct. 6th, 2014
Unblessed cousins defeated
Darkland Slavehunters crushed the Rare Exports team. It started well with Htruk seriously injuring Jorma in the first turn. The cunning dwarfs had hired Boomer Eziasson who started his crazy bombings by blowing up one of the Slayers and himself after his bomb scattered wildly. The Rare Exports tried to fight back but did not have much to put up against the Slavehunters who were blessed by both Hashut and Nuffle in this game, however.

Next up: Vampires!
- Zeke73
Aug. 31st, 2014
Third time vs Happy Squirrels
We hate those Gutter Runners!!
- Zeke73
July 11th, 2014
Lizards taken care of
In the 5th game of the season the boys took care of the lazy lizards. "We played it soft, only 7 casualties and just badly hurts", Htruk Ironsmasher says. "Next game we will go into Extermination mode versus those soon to be Unhappy Squirrels. The vermin blood will flow!"
- Zeke73
June 12th, 2014
Shurik the Switcher
Interesting fact: Shurik Stenchtrousers was a hobgoblin who used to play for Darkland Slavehunters. He was killed and returned as a Rotter playing for L÷wemann Bloaters. In his first game for the Nurgle team, he was killed again and raised as a Zombie now playing for the Lost Congregation!! Will he switch team yet again in the future? Who knows?
- Zeke73
May 23rd, 2014
Reporter: So, here we are, eagerly awaiting the start of the first game of the season for the infamous Darkland Slavehunters. Tonight, they are up against the Praag City Pillagers and I think it will be an exciting match. But look, here comes the players! Excuse me, sir, may I ask you a question, please?

Grazk Slavewhipper snorts and looks up on the reporter.
- About what, longshanks?
- Uhm, well, what's your prediction for the game?
- Prediction?
- Ah, yes, sir. Your prediction?
Slavewhipper looks straight into the camera and says:
- Oh, I see, the reporter says, laughing nervously.
- Now get out of my way, you fool!
- Of course, sir, right away. We'll be back later.

(After the game)
- Mr Ironsmasher! Excuse me, sir, just a few comments please?
- Sure, sure. Htruk gives him an ugly, evil grin. His clawed hands are covered in gore and still dripping with blood.
- Well, that was incredible, what you did out there tonight! Four casualties in the first game of the season. And two of them were kills! Seems like your opponents must reallly watch out now?
-Listen, and listen good, boy. We showed those softplaying PCP goats and weedy "Warriors" who's the strongest, right? And I'm gonna be the greatest, deadliest blocker EVER! No greenskin, ogre, lizardman or other "tough guy" out there is safe. I'm coming for all of you, you hear me! Mouhahaha!
- Ehm, oh well, I think I have to go now, excuse me. The reporter takes a few steps back from the obviously crazy corrupted dwarf, who is laughing like a maniac.

To be continued...
- Zeke73
Apr. 3rd, 2014
Game 7 of 7
The game was played in the sweltering heat of the desert with the merciless sun keeping a couple of our players out of the game. The dwarfs suffered the worst from the weather, mostly due to the fact that there weren't many Skaven left on the pitch after each drive!

And the result? Yes, we won and smashed some rats in the process. Brik Backstabber scored twice and earned a new upgrade, making him faster, always handy for a ballcarrier. He was clearly the Fan Favourite in this game.

A good season for us, we are looking forward to the next one!
- Zeke73
Mar. 30th, 2014
Game 6 of 7
Praise Hashut! We were blessed with luck this game and the frail little elf girls were powerless to stop us. They tried their best but too few left on the pitch.

Lufgar making a diving tackle was huge, letting Brik Backstabber score. Murgan Meatripper landed a solid blow on one of the wardancers, badly hurting her and letting him gain his first skill. Good work, boys!

Next game we will crush the dirty little rats!
- Zeke73
Mar. 13th, 2014
Game 5 of 7
Damn those Elves, running around us, dodging and laughing at our weak bashing game in this match. We knocked out a bunch of them but they had obviously stolen our Bloodweiser Babe...we need to improve for next game.

Good to see old Stenchtrousers skilling up and Murgan Meatripper finally getting some SPPs.
- Zeke73
Mar. 2nd, 2014
Game 4 of 7
In the fourth game of the season we were up against the howling werewolves and rocksteady golems of the Dead Meats. And the fans were like crazy to see the game, 37 000 of them showed up - season record!The game went like clockwork for us from the start. We managed to snatch the ball loose from Jacob the werewolf in the middle of first half and Khurak caught a hand-off and scored. In second half we received the ball and kept pummeling the undead into the turf. They almost stopped us from scoring again but it was a futile attempt - they had too few players left on the field. A great game for us, praise Hashut!
- Zeke73
Feb. 16th, 2014
Game 3 of 7
The game started well with Ulthor the Unstoppable blitzing an Ogre and badly hurting him. It continued with Nuffle being on our side. The Ogres were unlucky and failed a lot of Boneheads and GFI:s which helped us. A solid victory though the Ogres deserved to make a touchdown. The fans liked us too.
- Zeke73
Feb. 11th, 2014
Game 2 of 7
Damn those coldblooded lizards! We couldn't stop them even with a wizard and a chainsaw. But at least we hurt the Krox a bit. And Hellfist grew a claw after the game. That will hopefully help a bit against Ogres and other high AV opponents.

Next time, Reptiles... next time!
- Zeke73
Jan. 18th, 2014
Game 1 of 7
In the first game of the season we faced off with Soul Harvesters again. This time it ended in a draw. We managed to crunch the Ghoul star Javeed some more, now he's an AV 5 double niggler. Another feat was scoring with a Chaos Dwarf. A good and fun game.

Next match we're going up against those damn Lizards. May Hashut (and Nuffle) be with us, we'll need it!
- Zeke73
Dec. 21st, 2013
Season 13
The team had a fun time playing in Season 12 but not enough slaves were collected. Hashut is not pleased. We have to get more big, strong but stupid creatures enslaved. Latest orders from Zharr-Naggrund is to get as many Ogre slaves as possible, most prized of all would be that huge muscle-man Max Ernst. We will get him for Hashut! So look out in Season 13, all you Big Guys.
- Zeke73
June 26th, 2013
Fresh slaves wanted
Yes, we are coming for YOU!

Perform well on the pitch or you will go to the darkest, deepest mines for the rest of your miserable life. You will feel the chains around your ankles and the lash on your back.

Don't say we didn't warn you!
- Zeke73
Darkland Slavehunters
Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Zeke73

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