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May 22nd, 2014
Territorial Pissings
Tensions were high before the first match of the season, and after the reports of some ”suspicious activity” in the dugout of Hammer of the the Gods, where the Ulfwereners of the opposing team had been seen sneaking around before the game, the rumours started flying.

It was a relieved coach Kråkvinkel that endered the press room after the bout.

- Well, the guys performed well, after the circumstances. When we entered the dugout just before the kickoff our ulfwereners found disgusting urine markings all over, sending them (and the rest of the team) into an uncontrollable rage. I wanted tactics, but instead the guys went for a head hunt. 1-1 is a result I can accept.

The fact remains, the guilty party of the urine incident, Jerrys Kids Ulfwereners Lenny Lashley and Tommy Terror, both went down hard. In fact so hard that they both miss the next game.

- That´s what you get for pissing in our gene pool, says the Coach. It´s not a very big pool, considering our ancestry, more of a kid size, but still. Revenge had to be taken.
- Kråkvinkel
May 11th, 2014
Blood! Beer! Beards!
A recent report from the training camp of Hammer of the Gods tells of the unusual training techniques of the Pride of Norsica. In the words of a witness :

- It was the strangest thing. They were lying in a huge pile, squirming around like some kind of obsessed worms. The sounds were horrible. I had to get away from there. I ran like I had never run before.

Head coach Kråkvinkels commentary does not explain that much either.

- Well, it's a contact sport. Fondling is a part of the process.
- Kråkvinkel
Hammer of the Gods
Race:  Norse
Coach:  Helllstrom

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