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Result of Season 13

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Top Charts

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Champions   Bogville Princesses  Lizardmen
  2nd place   Reptile Dysfunction  Lizardmen
  3rd place   Now with Flavour  Wood Elf
  Most Lethal Team   Blood River Bonebreakers  Orc
  Fair Play Prize   Terrors of TobiWan  Vampire
  Jumbo Prize   We Eat U  Ogre
  Collector cards   Ghashbu Skullcrushas  Orc
  Best uppercut   Bogville Princesses  Lizardmen
  Gone Down Under!   Soul Harvesters  Necromantic
  Hunt the Big ones   Bone Thugs N Armory  Undead
  Nice Warpstone Award   We Eat U  Ogre
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     Slipperina retired Skink
Bogville Princesses
  Most violent player     Grubnash  Black Orc Blocker
Blood River Bonebreakers
  Top Thrower     Mallenêl  Elf Thrower
Mithlond Marvels
  Deadliest Player     Ratum Imperator  Vampire
Ratus Nosferatus
  Rising Star     Slipperina retired Skink
Bogville Princesses
  Fan Favorite     Thora aka the Hammer  Amazon Thrower
Dodgy Hags

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Current Champion

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Open 16, B2
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  0    The Dumbster'z
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