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Blessed By Hashut

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Slumpeen
The team Blessed by Hashut are a religious fanatic team basing everything on a prophesy. The Founder Nûbrakul Netherhoof once committed a crime and had a cruel punished. Nûbrakul then crawled to the great furnace of zhaar and made a sacrifice to Hashut.
Nûbrakul heard a voice, the voice told him to start a bloodbowl team and recruit only the most devoted of their kin. Nûbrakul accepted the task and suddenly his under body started to grow. He grew body as a bull hoves as feet and last a tail. He was touched, he was blessed, blessed by Hashut.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 7th, 2015 - old news
The first TD made by Blessed By Hashut in the match against Harab Serapel, the fans cheers shaked the stadium even that Blessed by Hasut stil losed whit 2-1.
The reporter approaches the hobgoblin that scored the TD in the savage and chaotic celebration. The reporter needs to scream to get his attention.

Reporter: Whoa! That was awesome! do you have any comments on your performance?
The hobgoblin looks corfused and afraid but answer the reporter.

Dûrkal: Me only rookie. Master say, You grab ball run there. So happy me get woman now. and big pig to eat.
Nûbrakul interrupts the conversation and scream to the reporter as he pushes him out from the crowd.

Nûbrakul: Whe already know this! its the part of the prophesy.
leave now. The bull grabs the reporter by his shirt and force
him up in the air and screams in his face -The hobgoblin are what we have been waiting for, now whe should breed him!
Then the second after the reporter eats dirt from the pitch due to the bulls aggressive toss out of the crowd.
- Slumpeen
Nov. 13th, 2014 - old news
The Great Omen
The last game in this season played by Blessed By Hashut and they haven't won any of the matches in the season and didn't even get a TD at all. This match they ended up loosing whit 0-3 against the wood elves Mansons Family tree.

Reporter: You must feel so disappointed that you dint got a touch down the whole season and lost all matches?
One of the Bull Centaurs Khrutâkal stares att the reporter and looks to be very calm and confident about the situation but keep quiet.

Reporter: Ehhm.. okay. So how does you...
The bull interrupts the reporter.

Khrutâkal: Just like the seer has foreseen, hehe... its a sign the prohethy is true haaa.. Zharraûl..
the bull don't move a face muscle, continue to stare until the point when he starts to drooling.

Reporter: So you say You know this would happen?
The bull nod his head carefully. The reporter try to get away from the conversation and feels a bit unconfident of the Bull centaurs weird behavior. The Bull stands still and keep staring where the reporter stod and the reporter walks out of the pitch.
- Slumpeen
Sep. 15th, 2014 - old news
The Sacrifice
The first game preformed by the team Blessed by Hashut and they ended up loosing whit 0-1and whit two casualties against the high elves.

Reporter: What went wrong in this match? And how do you feel about it?

Nûbrakul: What went wrong?! i don`t really know how we did upset Hashut.

Reporter: So you say the lost depends on your god?, the reporter looks confused.

Nûbrakul: Ofcourse? and you asked how it douse feel?, he puts on a scary intence smile almost to the point of a laugh before he continues, -We are right know on our way to the great furnace of Zhaar, to sacrifice (reset) half of our team to gain greater profit in the next match.
The great bull keeps the maniac smile and suddenly walk his way out of the pitch.
- Slumpeen
Tournaments played:
Season 15, Season 16, Season 17, Season 18, Open Season 7
Trophies won:
Most Lethal Team: Season 16
Jumbo Prize: Season 15, Season 18



Team reset on 2014-09-11, after 1 game played.

Have an extra reroll for the Jumbo Prize for Season 18, it should be removed after the next season the team plays in.

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
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  1    Sick Moves

Open 16, S1
  2    Flora & Fauna
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Season 29, round 3
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Season 29, round 2
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