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Chosen of Xe'Lius

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Axelius
From deep within the Jungles of Lustria comes the notorious CoX, a lizardmen team that has transitioned from lower friendly leagues to the real dirt of the Stockbowl Leagues.

Chosen of Xe'Lius team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 20th, 2015 - old news
Back On Track
The Chosen of Xe'Lius are back in business! The Open Season started with a match against Arch Rival coach 's new team, having given up on pansy Elves for cowardly Skaven in the form of Ikk'burg Skitterers. The Match was a nail biter, ending on an even 2-2 after Star Skink X'Pee bit the dust in the first drive, but the Apothecary managed to fix him up good enough to have him score both Xe'Lius touchdowns later in the game.

In the Second Match the Chosen went up against league leaders Azgorgh Stealers. The match started off swimmingly as on kickoff Ho'Izin not only managed to remember how to hold a ball, but also that you should get to the endzone with it, and T'Jorn'Y started off the match strong by punching one of the Chaos Dwarfs so hard he popped out of time and space and isn't due to return until the Stealers have played at least one more game. The rest of the game proceeded in similar fashion, the Dwarves blocking skill and heavy armour no match for the strength of the Sauruses. At the end of the game half the Dwarf team was off the pitch in one way or the other.

Inspired by their victory and the heavy beating they just administrated the team has been hard in training since. Hoi'Zin have been seen at the gym more frequently than most teams entire roster, when questioned by Spike Magazine on the issue he responded "Gettin' Sssswole, do you even lift, bro?". Ixee and Xenaxu have been teaching their famous "Stand Still And Punch Them In The Face And Don't Fall Down Technique" to Akarak and rumors persist that also T'Jorn'Y have somehow managed to learn the same lesson, but how that information managed to get in his thick skull nobody knows. Star Skink X'Pee meanwhile have practiced the intricate arts of picking up and holding tight to the ball, solidifying him even more as a key player in the Chosen line-up.

All in all the CoX are becoming stronger than ever and are getting ready for the continuation of the season and are preparing to enter the major league by Season 19.
- Axelius
Tournaments played:
Open Season 2, Open Season 4, Season 19
Trophies won:
Most Lethal Team: Season 19


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