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Froggy Style

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Per
Release the Frogs of War!

From the Lustrian suburbs, these green croakers rebel against their masters, the older slann. They sing songs and keep their beat no matter what. Since they are tough croaky bastards they went abroad to play with tough with the tough instead of reading old books with magics in them. No sweat.

Froggy Style team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 16th, 2013 - old news
Froggies Keepin' it Real
How many times do we need to say it? Lizard Men Can't Jump!

Homie, we just beein' bad ass croakers you feel me?!

The season started off nice enough with many good and close games. Some wins, some ties, but no losses. These croaky frogs are real tough sons of slannithiz after all. After a paid assassin poisoned some wells with arrow frog poison some coaches didn't make the play-offs and the froggies first reserves position was upgraded to a play-off position.

vs Chao Ab Ordo!
First off was them Chaos Order dudes. The dwarves were short and easy to jump. Just watch out, they have really pointy hats! Close game but the frogs did their special maneuver "görkbörk", which means crazy and unexpectedly stupid play with high risk - high reward. The 3-1 touchdown was just to really mark that them dwarves were no frogs. No beat in them dwarves, just beating. Vanilla Frost got the bad end of that beating.

vs Reptile Dysfunction
Then there were only Lizardmen. Them eReptile dysfuncional ones were up in the semifinal. Really hard ones. Hit like bullfrogs all of 'em. Almost did a quick second TD there but then it turned on us. Hitting, hitting and more hitting. But no sweat. We can take a beating and still keep our beat true. A crazy ass pass(TM) showed them dysfunctions that frogs do their thang in overtime. Frogye East got his leg broken (not his good jumping leg fortunately) and Frogmaster Fresh got the really ugly end of the beating stick and left the pitch in pieces.

vs Bogville Princesses
With the finals up we were up against some really shiny Princesses, coached by a cheese. The audience craved some of that cheese and stomped the entire lizard pitch to get it. Stunned 6 of 'em. Frogs put in 1-0. Almost 2-0 after that, but Nuffle decided to intervene. F that. Someone should bust a cappuchino in that nuffle dudes buttocks. Hard fought game, but the croakier team made their plays. The last TD was just for show. Frogganism 12 left us. In pieces. Them Blitzer dudes just die. That is why they demand such high salary.

Now the frogs go on a tour to sing some songs and mend some bones. But they be keepin' it real, always. You just watch out, 'cause they be comin' back sometime soon.

Off: Thanks for awesome games and good cheering along the way. Made enough of the crazy plays the frogs are so awesome with to take it all the way. The attrition on the frogs was there but not as bad as it can sometimes get. Give the slann a try if you haven't already. They are as crazy as it gets. Froggy Style will be back!
- Per
June 19th, 2013 - old news
Froggy Style denounces Nuffle!
To Khorne wi' him! they shouted as they went to the locker room after the not-so-close game of 0-7 against the stinky rats of Pinchclaw Regulators. The ball just didn't like the frogs this time around. Before coach Per could react the team had denounced Nuffle in front of the entire game audience. 'Well, it can't get any worse', coach Per thought. 'Let's see where this gets us'. Nuffle obviously didn't make it happen.
- Per
Tournaments played:
SquigBowl 8, Reserves Rumble, Squig Bowl 9, Reserves Rumble, Season 11, Season 12, Season 16
Trophies won:
Champions: Season 12
Fair Play Prize: Season 11, Season 16
Collector cards: Season 16




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