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Green Bay Slackers

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  jammydodger
In the Black Spine Mountains lies the Sewer Gate - a pass between the Western and Eastern reaches of Naggaroth. The eponymous Sewers drain into clear mountain lakes, contaminating the water with warpstone and effluvia. This filth turns the water murky and the lakes into contaminated marsh. No sane creature would risk the warpstone's taint, the marsh's foul vapours, nor the bizarre algae that bloom in strange colours. These aren't sane creatures, they're the meanest, smelliest, ugliest Goblins in the New World. They're the Green Bay Slackers!

Green Bay Slackers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 7th, 2011 - old news
Zum uvva Green Bay Slackers...
Dha boyz had a slepless nite, wiv wyrd dremz uv Blood Bowl. Oor wizzard sez dat dey is xpeerensing “mpaffic hallocenashuns”. Zumwheer dere is anuvva Green Bay Slackers team wat haz wun a famus victury an' dhur boyz haz been efcted by dha waaagh-nrg uv der fanz. Dere is onlee wun fing dat wez kan fink uv to git bak at dhur gitz – wez gonna do reel gud zo dat dey haz to deel wiv “mpaffic hallocenashuns”. Iz a gud fing dem uvva Slackers iz grean too uvverwize dhere'd hav to be zum reel kickings!
- JammyDodger
Jan. 30th, 2011 - old news
Dah Luukiest Gobbos arund!
Weez da luukiest gobbos arrund - nah stunties tah giv uz bashings. Tuld uz weez cud brib doz refs. Hehehe - stupeed stunties wunt knoz da weez dun it!

Ower frendz frum da pre-sesson ur gonna hav anuvva go but wee'll giv dem Necromantic puppies uv Zlikk's anuvva kicking. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Egil's Ogres rn't gonna let uz giv dem a kicking evva, daz no gud, coz doze snotlings is right splaty. Maybee in da Squigbowl? Aneeway, dere iz lodz of gud kikings ta luk forwad tou, lik Ozt's kaoz gits an' da mutie Gobbos uv Larsen.
Weez luukin' ta onlee kum sekond in for uv da maches.

Nawo weez gotta get reddy ta giv dose Norf Boyz uv Jonas' a kiking!

Weez killy gobbos.
Weez scoory gobbos.
Weez dah bestest gobbos.
- JammyDodger
Tournaments played:
Season 4, Reserves Rumble, Season 11, Reserves Rumble
Trophies won:

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