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Suffering Turnogres

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  suncar
Even though they are fairly new on the Blood Bowl scene, the team seems to have a quite realistic view on how they'll do.
Maybe not the players themselves though, as they've all chosen more or less impressive names.

Suffering Turnogres team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 7th, 2016 - old news
Enrolled for Silly Season 6!
Yes, the Turnogres are back.
For the new season they´ve even stacked up on a couple of more snotlings, word is that they might have something planned.
Sounds strange, but who knows?
Maybe they will finally be giving the winning coach a run for his or her money.
- suncar
Dec. 6th, 2015 - old news
Sweet tooth for sweet cheese
Even though the Turnogres had the chance for revenge against the Cheesemongers their fondue proved insurmountable.
Blocks were thrown and dodges missed but the only one really making notable moves were star player Puggy.
Apart from the excessive fouling that is.

In turn 16 Ozt and his Cheesemongers walked in and made the only and thus match winning score.

The Turnogres seemed somewhat content still, rumour has it that the next game there will be someone substituting the late Gashonock.

We´ll see...
- suncar
May 24th, 2015 - old news
Final retirement of Gashonock
So it came, the day that original member Gashonock the Retiring finally went away to meet his maker.
A sad day indeed, and it will probably take some time before any one steps up and takes his position.
Apart from that the game went well and especially Queen Chundalobria performed flawlessly.
Ogre team is now reduced to nine players.
- suncar
Apr. 2nd, 2015 - old news
Suffering Turnogres preparing for Cup!
The news of the world premiere of StockBowls first All Stunty Squigball tournament are spreading fast and reaching far, rendering coaches to really contemplate fielding a stunty team.
One of them has chosen Suffering Turnogres as their team.
For now noone can really tell whether or not the team will have any success on the pitch but what we can do is rejoice over the fact that a new chapter in the StockBowl history book is being written.
- suncar
Tournaments played:
Silly Season 1, Open Season 3, Silly Season 3, Silly Season 6
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Silly Season 1


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