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Purple Haze

Race:  Necromantic
Coach:  Håkan
Purple Haze
First experiment worked and we got us 2 big Flesh Golems and 2 rotten zombie orcs to handle all the fighting
We have also got good results from the kennel club with our new werewolf's and working in the field with our 2 former kings Atilla The Hunt and Alexander the Great
we placed a mug of brain-beer on the graveyard and immediately found 2 dwarf zombies, later they ate the pizza boy so now we got 11 players
we hope that the fans will support us so we can Finish our ghoul tests // Hacke

Purple Haze team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 27th, 2011 - old news
Those damn dwarfs
The World Edge Wreckers walked right over Vaya con la Muerte but it wasnt untill the werewolf Ulf got killed. The coach realized that the igor was sleeping on the job but then it was to late. Ulf died and Vaya con la Muertes spirit was totaly pissed on. Ted Bundy broke his leg for the fifty sixth time and is now missing. The fans are searching for the coach to se what he is going to do to change this. there is still no report of hackes whereabouts, he is probably sleeping with the fishes after this game.
- Håkan
Tournaments played:
Season 4, Season 5, SquigBowl 6, Season 7
Trophies won:
Jumbo Prize: Season 4


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