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The Vermillion Vermin

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  DamónDmitri
Formed out of the remains of the renegade horde of Skaven that were outcast or had otherwise left the safety of the underground. They plundered and pilaged their way throughout the Olde World, where they became known as 'The Vermillion Vermin' or 'Legio Pestilentia'. How they got that name remain unclear. Some say it's from the reddish brown of their fur. Some that it's from the colour of their enemies' blood in the setting sun. Others claim it's from the reddish boils that were the sign of the plague they brought where ever they passed...

The Vermillion Vermin team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 22nd, 2010 - old news
The Permutations of the Horned Rat

MIDDENHEIM. As the Vermillion Vermin showed up at practice this evening, the fans and reporters present were in for a surprise. The right hand of thrower and team captain Opus Fluke and grown into a huge crooked thing. It still seemed fully functional and even seemed to help in certain times. The thrower was caught by paparazzis after the Vermillion Vermin - Imperial Basterds (Season 2½, II½ round 4) partying with both skaven and human females and snorting huge amounts of warpstone powder. When asked if that is the reason for his changed physique he replied: "We have played tremendously good for the last few games and I'm sure my part of that has been acknowledged by the great Horned One and he therefor have blessed me in this way.".
The second big thing was seeing gutter runner Splint Sparrowmarsh. Having already showed his talent by scoring seven (that is 7!) toucchdowns in four games, he was even more impressive now. He pulled of moves that were just amazing, and it looks like this young rat is maturing into a super-star sooner than anyone expected. Just hope he survives as the team now faces two games in a row against the chaos team Slakthus 7, that can muster far more raw, brutal strength than the skavens of legio pestilentia...

Dieter Dunckelstein - Middenheim Mirror
- DamónDmitri
Aug. 6th, 2010 - old news
In exhibition game as the Vermillion Vermin surprise the Blood Bowl experts with a 5-0 win over the Wood Tan Clan.

MIDDENHEIM. The Vermillion Vermin's ever active PR firm, Plague Promotions, had set up an exhibition game against the Season II team, Wood Tan Crew. They had even managed to get super-star Hakflem Skuttlespike to play for the vermin, a coup that drew an admirable 24.000 spectators to this game where all winnings were donated to the restoration of the Middenheim Undercity, home of many of the city's Skaven population.
Beside the appearance of Hakflem Skuttlespike the game was also the first time blood bowl fans could see the Vermillion Vermin's new recruit, the rat ogre only known as Parsley's Pet, in action. Expectations were high and the odds were pretty even at the bookmakers around the Empire, with a slight advantage given to the elves. After all they are a seasoned team that has been around since Season I of the current league.
Just before the game started so did the rain. A downpour covered the stadium and people were seen holding snotlings over their heads not to ruin their hairdo's. During warm ups you could see how slippery it was and even the agile elves had some difficulties handling the ball.
The Wood Tan Crew won the coin toss and elected to kick, sending the ball into the skaven's half. The first moments were very dramatic as Parsley's Pet made a frenzied blitz to send catcher Widerverwerter out of bounds. He wouldn't return to the game. Moments later the rat ogre was surrounded by 5 elves that managed to tear him down and he had to be dragged down, seemingly lifeless, by the team veterinary, Dr Prunesquallor… The elves effort to take Parsley's Pet down left their centerfield wide open for Hakflem Skuttlespike to dodge through and into position to receive a pass from Opus Fluke and onward into the elves' end zone for his first touchdown of the day. He was to make another three touchdown and Vermillion Vermin could win five to nothing. The Vermin capitalized on most of the elves mistakes, brought about by a very convoluted game with too many passes and unnecessary moves that eventually led to mistakes.
In the last moments of the game, the elves lost their temper and again swarmed Parsley's Pet, who was back in the game, tearing him to the ground and continued to jump on him as he was down on the ground. Again he had to leave the pitch on a stretcher, but Dr Prunesquallor ensured us that he would be back again in time for his season premiere against the Imperial Bastards next week.
Hakflem Skuttlespike was the undisputed star of the game but the team made many great plays and would probably have won without him, maybe not by as big figures, but maybe gutter runner, Splint Sparrowmarsh, who had an TD (and have done 5 so far in Season II 1/2) would have stepped up if Hakflem hadn't played. You could see the awe in the Skaven's eyes (especially the gutter runners) as they got to play with their childhood hero. His numerous mutations put him in high regard in Skaven society, add to that that he is one of the finest blood bowl players ever to play the game and you have a bonafide superstar.

- Manfred Steinbaum, Middenheim Mirror
- DamónDmitri
July 30th, 2010 - old news
The Vermin recruite a Rat-Ogre!
From PLAGUE PROMOTIONS, for immediate release:

The Vermillion Vermin today announced that they have recruited the services of a Rat-Ogre. The team's head coach, Dmitri Zigány says "We have been in talks for some time now with a Clan Moulder rat-ogre kennel, and are very pleased to announce that we now have come to financial agreements. A prime specimen is now on our roster.". When asked why he thought the recuition was important, he replied: "Our players are the fastest in the league, but we needed to add some brute force to give us an additional edge. We have been working hard on block training and that combined with the extra strength a Rat-Ogre add will hopefully match us with some of the bigger teams." The rat-ogre has taken a liking to linerat Parsley, whom he follows around constantly off the pitch, which has lead to him being called just "Parsley's Pet". We suspect any player going after Parsley will have to deal with the consequences of his pet's frenzy...
Parsley's Pet will debut against the Imperial Basterds in round 4 of Season 2 1/2.
- DamónDmitri
July 16th, 2010 - old news
Shakin' Rats
MIDDENHEIM. Earlier today, Antti Norvejh faced The Vermillion Vermin in a game between the teams at the top and the bottom of the table. According to bookmakers across The Empire the money were on a Skaven victory.
The Vermin started smoothly with some great play but as gutter runner Skrattle Steerpike fell down trying to get into position, deep in the Ogres zone, things started to go bad. Ogre Tom Mage sent the Skavens blitzer badly hurt off the pitch. And for the rest of the half and for most of the second half neither team could produce much results and it wasn't until late in the second half that snotling Fulofin Sneben could put Antti Norvejh on the scoreboard as the first team, leaving the Vermillion Vermin only two turns left to tie the game. This time they pulled of some great plays starting with Opus Fluke's second completion and a handoff between the two gutterrunners. The Ogres almost but an end to the game by blitzing Skrattle Steerpike. But Splint Sparrowmarsh could pick up the loose ball and tie the game 1-1. The Skaven's Kislevite coach, Dmitri Zigány said after the game: "We are obvously disappointed by not winning this game. But still pleased cause we didn't suffer as many injuries we expected. And the fans bought a lot of our 'Legio Pestilentia' T-Shirts, so we leave this game a much richer team and still #1 in the league". They sure are cocky those pesky rats and their coach.
- Manfred Steinbaum, Middenheim Mirror
- DamónDmitri
Tournaments played:
Season 2½, Open Season 15
Trophies won:
2nd place: Season 2½
Collector cards: Season 2½



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