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Blonde Bombers

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Nikolai
The Blonde Bombers stated goal is to perfect the long bomb pass, or possibly to explode in the face of their opposition with surprising power, but nobody knows if this team will flatten the opposition or if they will bomb. (Although for quite a while it has leaned towards the latter.)

Blonde Bombers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 15th, 2011 - old news
The winners take it all!
Back home to the forest.

After three seasons, and almost half the original crew gone, the Bombers are returning to the forests. Part of the reason might. be that they've finally won it all. Every game for a whole season, a second (and actually deserved) "scorer of touchdowns" award, and finally the league championship.

But the biggest reason is that the twins are going home. The whole purpose of the team was to force them to act differently from each others. And even if the early differences were small, with both girl learning skills that subtly control the game, and both proving to be natural born throwers, they still were mostly alike.

Differences were there.
Marjorie Ann was generally more aggressive, both in by scoring touchdowns on her own, and by not hesitating to call out commands disguised as good advice during the game.
Rosalie Ann, for her part was always more concerned with the precise placement of the ball and was also more popular with the team for being less bossy, and by the audiences for her high kicks.
Yet they would remain mirror images on the pitch. Setting up side by side and acting in the same way once the play was on.

Until the playoffs, when Marjorie Ann suddenly started showing up on the line of scrimmage, throwing blocks instead of balls. She still snagged the "most completions" award, but it seemed as if her aggressions were finding an outlet that her sister had so far not even considered.

So the twins, and thus the team, have been called back home to bask in their glory.

But have no fear. Once the call is on the blood, one will always return to the pitch, sooner or later.

(And until then, it seems as if the Bombers heard from the Black Mambo that there was an equally strange team called the Angry Birds that just needed a sponsor to get into Stockbowl. Attempting some gesture, be it overture for elven peace or a show of female solidarity, the Bombers have assisted the Birds in rising from the reserves league and into the main one.
Perhaps it isn't a friendly gesture at all, given how many casualties the Bombers suffered their own first season.)
- Nikolai
Dec. 2nd, 2011 - old news
Third time's the charm.

After having managed to score six points in their first season of seven games, and another six points in their second season of five games, the Bombers now have averaged the number of games but added the number of points.

Twelve points from six games, a.k.a. a perfect season makes the Bombers join such dwarven luminaries as not so nice Pirates who managed a five-game perfect run in season five, and World Edge Wreckers and their chaotic cousins in Astragoth's Reavers, who managed similar runs in season three. But never before have non-dwarves managed all-win seasons (even if several have managed loss-less seasons) and this is also a first when this has happened in a six-game season. (Although the Toastwood Treehuggers got tantalizingly close to mastering the seven-game season five.)

Still, the bottom line is that the Bombers have stopped "Bombing" their games, and are now indeed "Exploding in the faces of their opposition"
Since this was the stated goal of the team, they are now retiring for the next season to give some new luminaries time to shine. All that remains for the team is the playoffs, and then some nice rest in the forest for the survivors. At least until the urge to play becomes too great. :)

So watch out for the Angry Birds next season.
- Nikolai
Oct. 23rd, 2011 - old news
Another tied game
The Bombers have once more drawn even.

Even with their opponents? No, not that. They have once more managed to be parties of a 7-goal game. Northfolk Nuggets - Blonde Bombers (Season 6, Round 3) ended 5-2 to the Bombers, making this their third game on the Most TD:s in a match list on the Memorable Matches page.

Some day some game will surely have eight touchdowns scored, but until then it seems as if the Bombers are finally beginning to get a hold on this "scoring" business.

Oh, and I also wanted to mention that the Bombers match report had now been added to the Northfolk Nuggets - Blonde Bombers (Season 6, Round 3) page. Just scroll past the well-written Northfolk Nuggets report to find the words of the Bomber's coach.
- Nikolai
Sep. 21st, 2011 - old news
New Record Broken
The Bombers record in "game with most completions" from the Blonde Bombers - Soul Harvesters (SquigBowl 5, SquigBowl 5) did not survive the first round of the new season. In Blonde Bombers - Goose Riders (Season 6, Round 1) the Bombers once more managed an amazing eight completions (in itself enough to put the game on the top three list of amount of completions made) but this time their opponents were also happy to make passes, adding five completions of their own to the sum.

So the new record is a whopping THIRTEEN completed passes in a single game. A result that could only have happened thanks to instances such as when the Bombers passed the ball from their endzone and halfway up the Riders side, only to have the receiver blitzed by some Underworld Heroplay, the ball swiftly moved and passed halfway down the Bomber half.. only to once more be blitzed loose and passed up again.

Basically both teams played it fast and loose, only the Bombers had the advantage in speed which did a lot of difference. Match report to follow.
- Nikolai
Tournaments played:
Season 4, SquigBowl 4, Season 5, SquigBowl 5, Season 6, Squig Bowl 12
Trophies won:
Champions: Season 6
Collector cards: Season 6
Scorer of Touchdowns: Season 5, Season 6




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